All our lobsters are caught locally and our mussels are harvested from the same waters.

Our costs are determined by the current market value. The pricing below is approximate based on the seasonal average. Rest assured that our pricing is the same or below that of other vendors in the area.

Live Lobster

1lb and 2lb whole lobster = market value

Offering you the world’s best Lobster harvested wild in the North Atlantic Ocean for you to carry home.

Steamed Lobster

1lb and 2lb whole lobster = market value

You will learn the traditional way of cooking Nova Scotia’s world famous Lobster, whether U-Cook or we cook it for you. Our specialty is served with lemon and melted butter.

Lobster Roll


We use a secret local recipe served in a fresh toasted bun, topped with parsley and a side of potato chips with a slice of lemon.

Lobster Congee


We offer the world's best lobster harvested wild in the North Atlantic ocean steamed perfectly to make our Lobster congee. It is the ultimate comfort food. The rice is cooked into a tender, silky and rich broth that is full of goodies.

Blue Mussels

$8.99 per lb

Harvested in the North Atlantic our Blue Mussels are an excellent source of protein and B12 in addition to being delicious!

130 Peggy's Point Road
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Open Daily: 10am - 8pm or later

Phone: 902-541-9177