Lobster Delivery

Contactless Door to Door Delivery

Our costs are determined by the current market value. The pricing below is approximate based on the seasonal average. Rest assured that our pricing is the same or below that of other vendors in the area.

Live Lobster

Fresh, live lobster in three sizes:

1 lb = $16.00
1.5 lb = $24.00
2 lbs = $34.00

Steamed Lobster

Freshly steamed lobster in three sizes, served with melted butter and lemon.

1 lb = $18.00
1.5 lb = $26.00
2 lbs = $36.00

Lobster Roll

Our speciality uses a secret local recipe and is served in a fresh toasted bun, topped with parsley, a side of potato chips and a slice of lemon.


Lobster and Rice Soup

Our Lobster and Rice Soup (Congee) is the ultimate comfort food. The rice is cooked into a tender, silky and rich broth that is full of goodies.


Smoked Fish

Fresh smoked fish fillets.

Smoked Salmon Fillet $5.00
Smoke Mackerel Fillet $5.00

130 Peggy's Point Road
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Open Daily:
May 1st - October 31st
10 am - 8 pm or later